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CEMAM has selection processes for scholarships for graduates and undergraduates on demand according to their projects.

There is currently no selection process with an open registration deadline.

Necropsy Techniques

  in seabirds 

Volunteering and Internships

Learn all the requirements and how to apply for a volunteer or internship opportunity at CEMAM!

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The Centro de Etudos e Monitoramento Ambiental (CEMAM), in partnership with the Projeto Cetáceos da Cosa Branca - UERN, offers the volunteer program for students and professionals in the areas of Biological Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Ecology and similar careers. If you are a student and want to fulfill your mandatory curricular internship at CEMAM, you can turn your period of volunteering into an internship (only in Areia Branca).

The program aims to train students and professionals within the activities developed, especially in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals, as well as introducing them to research and environmental awareness and education activities involving the marine megafauna of RN.


The volunteering offered in partnership with PCCB-UERN takes place in Natal/RN at the Project's Stabilization and Administrative Management Base and in Areia Branca/RN at the PCCB's Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center (CRAS). Thus, the activities developed have individual characteristics in each location.

Natal, RN: the Volunteering lasts an average of six months and is carried out on the eastern coast of Rio Grande do Norte. It is focused on monitoring, rescue, autopsies, environmental education, communication, research and administrative activities. This location is recommended only for professionals and students residing in Natal/RN and region, once the developed activities happen on demand, not having a fixed routine.

Areia Branca/RN: immersive volunteering, with an average dedication of 40 hours per week and duration of 30 days, focused on rehabilitation and management of marine megafauna, maintenance of enclosures, necropsies, communication, environmental education. Volunteers/interns at CRAS in Areia Branca receive accommodation at the Center itself. This location is recommended for professionals and students from all over the country, since participation is limited to a total of 30 days with a daily routine in the rehabilitation of marine animals. The mandatory curricular internships can be developed exclusively in Areia Branca with the same workload and duration.


The activities will be carried out by programmed or spontaneous demands, in external locations (beaches, schools, events) or internal (base, laboratory, office), the main ones being:

1.  Participation in rescue, stabilization and rehabilitation of marine animals stranded on the eastern coast of Rio Grande do Norte;
two.  Assistance in autopsies or carcass analysis of marine fauna (birds, sea turtles, cetaceans and manatees) to determine the possible cause of stranding or death;
3.  Assistance with office work (data compilation and reporting);
4.  Participation and assistance in the dissemination of work to rescue marine megafauna in coastal communities;
5. Participation and assistance in conservation, and environmental education projects with coastal communities;
6.Participation in scientific meetings, including discussion and presentation of scientific articles/book chapters.


  • Be in the underdegree course, from the fourth period, in Biological Sciences, Veterinary Medicine or similar areas (for volunteering or internship), or being a professional trained in these areas (for volunteering only);

  • Willingness to work involving physical effort;

  • Availability of participation throughout the period for which it was selected;

  • Ability to work in a team;

  • Be communicative and have the ability to interact with the public, respecting popular and individual customs and beliefs, but always using scientific knowledge as guidance;

  • Be creative and proactive;

  • Have a complete vaccination scheme against COVID-19;

  • In the case of a mandatory internship, the educational institution must have an agreement with CEMAM (the agreement is carried out by the educational institution itself, contact the coordination of your course for more information).

  • In case of volunteering in Natal/RN, have  availability of time on weekends and at least 20 hours per month, through a previously organized schedule;



Only applications made through the CEMAM website will be accepted, by filling out the form accessible through the open application button, which will only be available during the selection period.

The process takes place in two stages: the first from analysis CV and letter of interest, and the last one through an interview (face-to-face or virtual). The two stages are eliminatory and qualifying.  


The selection process for volunteering or internship at CRAS in Areia Branca/RN will take place quarterly, with applications being received during the first week of the month preceding the following three intended months. For example, those who wish to intern in the month of January, February or March, must apply in the first week of December. In this way, we will have selections in:

MARCH- To participate in april, may and june;

JUNE- To participate in july, august and september;

SEPTEMBER- To participate in october, november and december;

DECEMBER- To participate in January, February and March.



The selection process for volunteers to work at the base in Natal/RN takes place every six months,  with a duration of six months. In this way, we will have selections in:

DECEMBER- For participation on first semester;

JUNE- For participation on second semester;



The project provides volunteers with uniforms, PPE and transportation from the bases for external activities. All selected volunteers must have life insurance on their own for the time they are in the program. As well as, they will sign a term of adhesion and responsibility and risk knowledge of the participant, which will be provided by CEMAM itself.


Please contact us via email ou

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Common questions

Questions about participating in volunteering or doing your internship? Some of the main questions are already answered here. Any other questions, write to the emails provided at the end of the previous topic.

Can a recent graduate perform an internship in Areia Branca/RN?

According toLaw No. 11,788/2008which regulates internships in Brazil, only students who are attending regular education can undertake an internship. In addition, CEMAM only receives interns at CRAS de Areia Branca who are completing the mandatory curricular internship, the non-mandatory voluntary internship modality being extinct.

Does my educational institution have an agreement with CEMAM? How do I establish the agreement and carry out my mandatory curricular internship?

Each college/university has its own regulations for conducting the curricular internships of its students. In general, institutions issue documents for the intern, as well as for the signing of an agreement with the internship granting units. To find out if your institution already has CEMAM listed as a granting unit, you must directly consult the coordination of your course and if not, your coordination will inform the instructions for the agreement to be carried out.


New agreements must be established in advance of the requested internship period. It is recommended that new processes take place at least a month and a half before the periodic selections by CEMAM. Students who, during enrollment in the CEMAM selection process, opt for a mandatory internship and do not have or have not started the process of establishing an agreement, will be automatically eliminated. The e-mail for the first contact with CEMAM to make a new agreement is

Is the internship at CEMAM paid?

The mandatory curricular internships carried out in Areia Branca/RN do not have any remuneration. However, the participant will receive accommodation throughout the internship period, as well as lunch on working days.

Are the arrival and departure logistics of the volunteer/intern in Areia Branca/RN paid for by CEMAM?

All logistics for arrival in Areia Branca must be provided and paid for by the participant. CEMAM together with the PCCB-UERN CRAS team guarantee only transfers between the Mossoró/RN bus station or airport and the CRAS facilities, if necessary, and only during business hours (08:00-17:00)._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I applied for one of the processes and was not selected, can I apply again?

Yup. Unfortunately, our number of places is very small to maintain a high quality experience for each participant. As a result, many people who would add a lot to CEMAM and PCCB-UERN need to be eliminated in some processes. If this was your case, don't be discouraged and apply again, if your availability allows. Especially in Areia Branca/RN, CEMAM maintains internships and volunteers in short periods of time to increase turnover and allow more people to experience CRAS.

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