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Environment Month 2021

    June 5th was established by the United Nations  (UN) World Environment Day. This day is celebrated by several institutions around the world, in order to publicize the importance of preserving nature and its biodiversity.  

    Every year, the Museum of Morphological Sciences  Prof. Hiran Diogo Fernandes from UFRN (MCM) develops different environmental awareness actions and, this year, brings activities in partnership with the  Center for Environmental Studies and Monitoring  (CEMAM) through the university extension project “Museu em Casa” .

    The launch of the virtual exhibition "Sala do Mar" took place on June 8, 2021, world oceans day, here on the CEMAM website, as a result of cooperation  interinstitutional  between the MCM of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and CEMAM. The indicative classification of the exhibition is Free.

Origin and Performance of the Museum of Morphological Sciences Prof. Hiran Diogo Fernandes

    The MCM emerged as a result of an institutional project to revitalize the museums of the Biosciences Center (CB) at UFRN . The CB had three museum spaces, these being the Museum of Human Anatomy "Prof. Hiran Diogo Fernandes", the Museum of  Comparative Anatomy, the Museum of the Sea "Onofre Lopes", and also had a large "Collection of Invertebrates by Professor Adalberto Varela".  

    This broad project culminated in the inauguration of the MCM building on October 19, 2009 at UFRN's Central Campus , consolidating a non-formal science teaching space that serves an average of 7000 visitors per year , especially students. The building has three rooms for permanent exhibitions, approximately 519m²: Human Anatomy Room,  Comparative Anatomy and the Sea Room . It also has a room for temporary exhibitions, in addition to housing the Scientific Collections of animals and the UFRN herbarium.

    Currently, the MCM is coordinated by Dr. Simone Almeida Gavilan , professor at the Department of Morphology at UFRN (DMOR) and has the vice coordination  by Dr. Christina da Silva Camillo , also a professor in the same department.





The Sea Room in Virtual

    Sala do Mar is one of MCM's permanent exhibition rooms . It is possible to see a little of the diversity of the marine world. Through the pieces of different groups of animals, issues such as human impacts, evolution of organisms, life strategies in water and comparative anatomy are discussed with visitors of all ages who go to space. The room was adapted for the virtual world through videos with guided tours by the Museum's own monitors , highlighting the main pieces of the exhibition.



How to visit the Sea Room

    The Virtual Sea Room has 6 exhibitors specially prepared for you to get to know the main pieces of the physical exhibition. They are:

1. Cartilaginous Fish Exhibitor

2. Sea Turtles Exhibitor

3. Marine Mammals Exhibitor
4. Seabirds Exhibitor

5. Reef and Benthic Environment Exhibitor

6. Bone Fish Exhibitor

    You can visit each of them in three ways:

1. Clicking on the eyes in the panoramic image of the Room;

2. Clicking on the icons in the sketch  of the Room;

3. Clicking on the exhibitor's name here in the instructions.


    You will be taken to a window containing the video of the selected exhibitor, and then just enjoy and share it with everyone!  

    Also access the MCM social networks:

  • Branco Facebook Ícone
  • Branca ícone do YouTube
  • Branca Ícone Instagram

All images on this page ( were provided and authorized for use in this exhibition by the Museum of Morphological Sciences Prof. Hiran Diogo Fernandes from UFRN, and all rights are reserved by the Museum.

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